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Website and Web Application Backup

Website backups are often overlooked parts of owning a website. Every day hundreds of automated scripts and malicious hackers attempt to break into your website. These intrusions could be to collect data, redirect your site, or simply to destroy your website. Through SQL injection and cross site scripting (XSS) these intruders can and will be a threat to your website. There is additional time and effort required to secure and backup your website that should not be ignored. Our nightly backup systems will ensure that your website files and database can be easily recovered.

Many times it is possible to clean infected or corrupted sites, but it can take many hours and can become costly. We do offer clean-up services, but prefer prevention over recovery.

If you would like us to periodically backup your website or web application in case of deleted data or corruption, please review the below rates and give us a call!

  • $6/mo.

  • Monthly Backup
  • Files
  • Up to 2Gig
  • $10/mo.

  • Weekly Backup
  • Files & DB
  • Up to 5Gig
  • $20/mo.

  • Daily Backup
  • Files & DB
  • Up to 15Gig

*All plans require a $100 setup fee.
*Hourly backups @ $40/month.

Now rest easy knowing your site is backed up and secure!