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Google Analytics for Facebook Fan Pages

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I was very excited to release our Facebook Fan Page to the public in order to showcase our work to fans and hopefully draw in more fans through Facebook advertising. Unfortunately, I was aware of the limitations that Facebook Insights provides for fan page administrators. Facebook Insights can display demographics and interactions on your pages, but only for fans. Google Analytics is a lot more comprehensive and easily customized for specific tracking. Another issue is that only administrators can view Facebook Insights limiting who we can allow to see our fan page stats.

After scourging the net looking for any information on how this could be done I found a few great resources and began adding Google Analytics tracking code to our fan page. After installing the necessary code we can now use Google Analytics for traffic sources, visitor statistics, visitor country, and keyword searches with the included Google Analytics reporting & maps overlays. This has been a great asset for us in determining how our Facebook Fan page campaigns are working which will then allow us to refine our marketing approaches.

Fans vs Non Fan Interaction

A nice way to look at your Facebook fan page visitor interaction is by splitting the interactions of your fans and non fans. We can now do this by charting different interactions taken by all fans and then subtracting the interactions of our fans. A great way to see this in Google Analytics is by setting up advanced segments. We can then compare the interaction statistics side by side as shown below.

Facebook Google Analytics

Using GA segments to track fans vs non-fans

Tracking Form and Page Interactions

Using javascript and FBJS (Facebook Javascript) it is possible to track click events. This allows us to collect information on which buttons, links, or forms have been interacted with. This data collecting is a little off as you can’t activate javascript on Facebook Fan pages without the visitor clicking something first. This is a Facebook security precaution that keeps developers from harming visitors.

Google Analytics Goals and Funnels

With these powerful scripts we can track how many people visit our contact page, how many then interact with the page and finally how many people proceed to click the contact button.

A two step funnel

A two step funnel

The image above is a two step funnel showing how many people viewed our contact page and how many used the contact form. Imagine the possibilities as you can track purchases, clicks on links, and countless other specific actions.

Get A Quote

If you would like more insight on your Facebook Fan Page interaction please contact us for a quote. The setup requires some pretty good knowledge of javascript, FBJS, and how to create custom tabs with FBML. Enjoy our fan page and drop us a line anytime!


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