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Facebook Application Development – Mt. Bachelor Turn Tracker

  • Mt. Bachelor Turn Tracker App
  • Mt Bachelor Turn Tracker Facebook Application
  • Mt Bachelor Turn Tracker Facebook Application

What is a Facebook App?

Facebook applications allow companies to leverage the Facebook platform in order to create a social application. An example of popular facebook applications would be Mafia Wars, or Scrabble. These applications allow people to compete against friends, family, and other users on Facebook. Being that Facebook is one of the top visited websites in the world it is no wonder that companies choose to develop Facebook applications.

The Mt. Bachelor Turn Tracker

Ever since I moved to Bend, Oregon I have been snowboarding. It has become a strong passion of mine and definitely helps me make it through the longer winters here. Each year I purchase a season pass from Mt. Bachelor that allows me to ride the lifts without having to buy a ticket each trip. With each season pass the holder is given a unique ID. When season pass holders visit the Mt. Bachelor website ( they have the option of entering in their pass number to access stats about which lifts they took and at what time.  I really enjoy being able to access this data and record my best days.  When using this application on the Mt. Bachelor website it is impossible to compare your stats with friends, family, and other riders. There are also very limited reports on your turn data. In order to make this possible Mt.Bachelor would have to invest considerable time and money into building a membership system and ways for members to be able to connect with friends’ accounts. These limitations are what lead me to deciding that building a Facebook app might be a great way to get this functionality while using the Facebook platform.

Mt. Bachelor Turn Tracker for Facebook

The Mt. Bachelor Turn Tracker for Facebook is a Facebook application that allows Mt. Bachelor Season pass holders to view their turn stats on Facebook and also compare your daily stats with friends.  On the home screen the user inputs their Mt. Bachelor Season Pass ID as shown below.

Mt. Bachelor Turn Tracker App

Once the user has submitted their pass number they will be taken to a screen where they can see all of their turn stats for the current year. A drop down is provided so that users can access previous year’s data.  At the bottom of the page there are a few stats displaying the user’s best turn day or the day they achieved the most vertical feet on chair lifts.

Mt Bachelor Turn Tracker Facebook Application

Your Stats

From this screen the user can even drill down to see what chairs they took for that day or what time they rode a specific chair.

Making It Social

The real fun comes from being able to view your friend’s turn statistics. Users can then compare best days for turns or best days for vertical feet. I just finished adding medals to the application. Now if a user has the best day of vertical feet out of their friends they will get a medal displayed next to their profile.  Currently, medals are only available for most turns and most vertical feet, but I plan on adding medals for “king of the chair”, “most consecutive days”, and “fastest run”.

Mt Bachelor Turn Tracker Facebook Application

Top stats lead to Medals!

So Many Possibilities

Building this app has been a fun experience and I look forward to improving it over time. Using the Facebook platform it is possible to make an application available to over 300 million users! These days creating a great Facebook app is like the next big invention. Maybe there is some way your company could benefit from using Facebook to connect your clients. Think about it and let us know!

Mt. Bachelor Turn Tracker for Facebook Application Link –

*Special thanks to @mtbachelor for allowing access to this data.


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