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  • True Pilate NorthWest

    We built this site for True Pilates NW, in Bend, Oregon using WordPress and some custom changes to a pre-existing theme.

  • Superfish Menu – Remove Top Level Arrow

    I really enjoy using Superfish to create menus. It is a great tool for adding some great menu features. Recently, I had a project that required removing the nav arrows from the top-level only. These arrows tell the user whether the menu item has a sub-level, but the current client did not want this feature for the top-level items.

  • Top 10 WordPress Theme Shops

    Finding a WordPress theme for your site is not always a simple process. Depending on your business, starting with the right theme could be crucial as you develop your online presence. Sometimes free themes just won’t cut it and even some premium themes are poorly coded. Many theme shops offer support, but are rarely available and only give real support for premium subscriptions.

  • Facebook Application Development – Mt. Bachelor Turn Tracker

    What is a Facebook App?

    Facebook applications allow companies to leverage the Facebook platform in order to create a social application. An example of popular facebook applications would be Mafia Wars, or Scrabble. These applications allow people to compete against friends, family, and other users on Facebook. Being that Facebook is one of the top visited websites in the world it is no wonder that companies choose to develop Facebook applications.

  • WordPress 3.0 – Content Management Made Simple

    Ever since I began creating websites in 1998 I knew the importance of being able to easily find and update website content. In the early days it was pretty common for web sites to be run off a “flat file” system. This meant that every time a client needed to edit a page on their website they would need to contact the web developer in order to make those changes happen. Well, unfortunately in the early days that is the type of websites I built and after signing up 30 or so clients updating websites became a huge headache. So what did I do? I picked up a book and learned ASP. One of many programming languages used to create dynamic websites. I also began to research Content Management Systems (CMS) in order to make my life and the sites of my clients a lot better.

  • Google Analytics for Facebook Fan Pages

    I was very excited to release our Facebook Fan Page to the public in order to showcase our work to fans and hopefully draw in more fans through Facebook advertising. Unfortunately, I was aware of the limitations that Facebook Insights provides for fan page administrators. Facebook Insights can display demographics and interactions on your pages, but only for fans. Google Analytics is a lot more comprehensive and easily customized for specific tracking. Another issue is that only administrators can view Facebook Insights limiting who we can allow to see our fan page stats.

  • Bliss Studio Logo

    Logo design for a wonderful friend of mine who needed something to best represent her photography company. Shown here is a few ways she has since used her logo. It is one of my favorites by far. You can check out her photography work at Bliss Studio.