Jeca Design | Web & Print


Here's a few key steps in our workflow.

1. Discovery

Let’s take a minute to get to know each other.

First, we explore what makes you or your business tick. We will check out your current workflow; learn what makes your customers happy; dig into your strategic approach and overlay our years of experience with print and web media.

2. Design

Art requires talent + technique

It’s our job to turn your vision into reality. During this phase we work closely with clients to ensure the best experience for you and your users. We’ll also develop wireframes, site maps, and flowcharts to get a feel for how your site will work and look.

3. Development

It’s time to produce

It’s time to let loose with the magic wand. Our network of developers will use the latest in web technologies affectively bringing the spec to life. We will update you with our progress as we churn the wheels.

4. Quality Assurance

The proper preparation is essential

In this phase our testers push your site to the limits. We make sure code is valid, workflows correctly function, and services are ready to be launched. Here it’s all about catching and squashing the bugs baby!

5. Deployment

Time to fly!

Time to pop the cork and launch the fireworks. All systems are ready and your site in alive! We hope to continue serving you on future flights.