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Quantity doesn't always mean quality...

Jeca Design is family run and owned. We started using Photoshop and coding with text editors when dial-up was the “in” thing. Digital media runs in our blood. You can even say it’s family tradition!

Cali Clement Graphic Designer

Mountain Biker | Runner | Campfire Starter

Cali is the graphic designer, and project manager here at Jeca Design. She wears many hats and does a great job at making sure our clients are happy. Cali’s logos and ad work can be seen all over Central Oregon from wedding invitations to magazine covers. She lives and breathes digital publishing, and is always ready to help improve your company’s print and online branding.

In 2003, Cali graduated from The University of Oregon with a degree in Graphic Design. After working for several agencies under the big city lights of Portland, she decided to make the move to Bend, OR. In Bend, Cali started Jeca Design, the name derived from her sister Jesi, and Cali. Over the years she built up a steady flow of work from local clients, and has never looked back on making the move from “the city.”

When Cali is not splicing vectors in Illustrator or designing fluid layouts in InDesign, she can be found running or biking through out Central Oregon. She often supports the local half marathons, donates time to the Women’s Resource Center, and volunteers with the Beer Angels. When that’s all said and done you may find her at Brother Jon’s sipping on something tasty from the Boneyard!


InDesign & Photoshop


Scrabble w/ Friends


Angry Birds

J. Auzheal Clement Web Dev | UI Designer

Snowboarder | Gamer | Bend Beer Blogger 😉

Auz is the web developer, information architect, and company clown here at Jeca. He spends a lot of time customizing scripts for clients and making sure websites are running smooth.

Auz began his coding career on a TI-86, but prefers writing web apps these days. In 2003, Auz worked with J.A. White & Associates, Inc. where he built online time tracking, project management, and subcontract procurement training applications for consultants stationed all over the world. In 2006, Auz made the move from Columbia, South Carolina to Bend, Oregon. After working for a local web development agency for three years, he decided to work with Jeca full-time.

The outdoor activities Central Oregon is known for, were a major factor in Auz’z decision to move to Bend. Although he still loves his time with Halo, listening to local hip-hop, and tinkering with game development, he is thankful to renew his ski pass at Mt. Bachelor each year!


PHP, HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript


Halo, Wing Tasting